How to Make a Chocolate Dinosaur [Video Tutorial] website

How to Make a Chocolate Dinosaur [Video Tutorial]

If you're looking for a favourite chocolate mould among kids - search no further! The three-part chocolate dinosaur mould has been a huge success.

To make your chocolate dinosaur, start by melting some chocolate. Pour it into the first part of the mould up to the fill line. After inserting the flexible part and the top part, turn your mould over and massage it lightly to make sure that we have a perfectly uniform shell.

Put it in the refrigerator to cool and set. After about 12 minutes, it should be ready.

After following these simple steps, your chocolate dinosaur is ready! Carefully remove it from the mould and place your filling of choice inside! We filled our dinosaur up with some marshmallows. 

Now, it's time for the finishing details. For our final decorations, we will be using some Golden Sands lustre dust to make it shiny and beautiful. Feel free to use your creativity when decorating your dinosaur!

And finally, the chocolate dinosaur is ready to be gifted (or smashed open!). 

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