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Open Heart Easter Egg 3-Part Mould and Colour Mill

 Today we're going to demonstrate this Open Heart Egg. We're in an Easter mood, a time when we want to spread love, and nothing better than starting with this wonderful egg, so let's go.

This is a 500g shell, we have a heart imprint. This is a 3-part mould, as most of our moulds. We have the silicone part, which makes life easier and saves product. This mould has a fill line on how much chocolate you can put.

I already fitted the silicone part in the mould, I already have my tempered chocolate, I'm using Callebaut chocolate, and I coloured it with Red Colour Mill. It's already tempered at the right temperature and I'll fill the mould up to the line.

All information regarding the weight and chocolate quantity is on the website. I fill up until the indicating line. I'll fit the lid and the silicone part in the mould, I'll massage the mould so that the chocolate is spread evenly. I'm rubbing here to get the excess chocolate out because here will be the cutout. I'll give you a tip on how we'll do this part.

Let's take it away for cooling.

Onto the second part of the egg which is the collage. I choose to do a flat part because I don't want it open on the back. The heart will only be at the front. So I'll make the normal part which is also 500g and a three-part mould, but it doesn't have an open heart. This part is smooth and we'll use it for the collage. And we'll also fill it to the line.

I'll tap to get all the air out of the chocolate. As you can see here, and I'll fit the rest of the mould, I'll press so the chocolate spreads into the mould, I'll flip the mould on the table and massage to obtain a uniform shell, to make sure that the chocolate is spread throughout the mould, and we'll take away for cooling.

I'm here with the two halves of the egg, ready to be taken out. One open and one smooth because I only want the detail at the front of the egg.

Let's take them out, I'm going to press here in the middle because as it will be open there's no problem, this part is thinner than the rest because it's in high relief.

"Helena, it broke!" No, it didn't break, this is the part that will be open you saw that when we put the chocolate, we pressed and spread it to make it thinner in this part.

And to give a final touch we'll use a little knife, I'm using a stylus for this. and we're going to make the cut, giving the final touch to the piece, as this part is thin there is no difficulty in cutting. This stylus is sharpened to give a very precise finish.

It's very important to smooth this part of the mould to leave a thin layer of chocolate because it makes it easier to cut the open part later.

You also have the option of not making it open, this detail can also be closed with chocolate, a reminder that all excess chocolate can be melted again and reused.

Look at the result of our open heart egg!! What a luxury!! We put a little of Lustre, the Firecracker, with a brush to give this sparkling finish. We put the halves together, with a part that is not open, the same 500g egg, we fill it with a lemon mousse and combine all these details to give an air of refinement.

For you to give it as a gift to loved ones, a great gift for Mother's Day, so decoration, tips, colouring, we have them all here for you!

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