Splatter Paint Tutorial With The Geometric Heart Chocolate Mould website

Splatter Paint Tutorial With The Geometric Heart Chocolate Mould

Hello hearts in love. Let's demonstrate our mould of geometric hearts today.

Using the splash technique that we're going to perform with a brush and we will show you everything here. How the result will look like, how we are going to put the chocolate in it, how we are going to release… The whole process until the final result. Let's go?

BWB mould, three parts. Everyone already knows right? Super famous, making our life easier, our work, saving time, saving material.

Everything super-duper great.

And to add to our production with quality, we're presenting colour mill, for those who don't know it yet.

And this is the food coloring that we're going to use in our tutorial today.

I am going to use white chocolate. This white chocolate doesn't need to get tempered.

That gives us more agility in our production. So we just melted it, it's right here safe, so that I don't make a mess because I'm pretty messy.

So, I put it in here, I have everything ready. I'm just going to perform the technique. I'm here too with my colour mill food coloring. The red one that we are going to use here in our heart.

I'm here with my brush. I'm going to get some red food coloring on it and I'm going to hit it with little taps.

I told you I'm messy.

Let's paint these little dots on it too. I'm using a brush that I've used before on a white food colouring so we get this effect.

This really cool effect.

A red painted jaguar. That done, let's go for the chocolate. I removed the third piece, the cover. I'm going to turn it upside down. See that this one is already out and I'm going to… pay attention at this one.


I'm putting my fingers underneath. Just to take it off the table.

I'm not folding it, not turning or anything abrupt. Nothing that can crack my mould. It's easier than silicone. It's made out of acetate (plastic) and it can break if you don't handle it carefully.


So, with my two fingers underneath it just to take the mould out of the surface, I'm going to press it gently with my thumbs. See that it's already out. If the chocolate is already tempered, or if you are using compound chocolate, it is going to uniform right away, with no problems whatsoever. We don't need to struggle.


And to remove the silicone and the excess I always start here, where is going to give me more grip.

So I hold here and gently I'm going to loosen all the sides. It's chocolate so you got to be gentle.

And here it is, my chocolate. But we are going to show you how to put together the two sides of the heart. To put to gether is very simple.

I heated this dish in the microwave for 2 minutes. I'm going to take our heart that we just release, I'm going to rub it on he surface of the dish. Notice that it's going to melt a little bit.

The other one is here, ready and just put it together. Be careful not to melt too much because it can make it uneven. And then you can fill it. You can make brigadeiro, dulce de leche…. Whatever you want to fill it with.

You can make a big chocolate bomb if you want to share with your family.

So just use your creativity because this mould is really versatile.

Get your Geometric Heart Chocolate Mould!

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