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About Us

We are a young company, founded in 2018, as a realization of the dream of two Bahian women willing to face the challenges of the business world: Stella and Helena. Our passion for confectionery, added to the willpower and opportunities we found in London were the ingredients that made the business possible, and that's how this store was born.

Originally called Fest Cake London, the store was purchase by Naira in 2022, and is now called Naira Cake Supplies. Naira is a long time baker, professor and mentor to confectionary professionals all around the word. Her passion for guiding others to confectionary excellence has led her to this store. 

You can expect to find here the best confectionary products, recommended by Naira herself, in an easy to navigate store, and with unpaired customer service. It is Naira's mission to help you find excellent products, learn how to use them, and grow in the confectionary world.

Naira's faith that God's plans are higher than ours (Is. 55:8-9) is the inspiration she wants to share with others: that your dreams to turn baking into something greater is indeed possible.