Heart-Shaped Brownie Cake | Video Tutorial website

Heart-Shaped Brownie Cake | Video Tutorial

Today we are going to be innovating with our chocolate moulds! Our special guest, ambassador and mentor, Naira, came by to teach us how to make a delicious and stunning chocolate Heart-Shaped Brownie Cake using the BWB 3632 1kg Heart Mould

The heart brownie can be a special treat for your family on Father's Day, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day, you can sell it or give it as a gift to your special one… It will be a success anywhere you take it!

To begin the process, all you need is the first part of your mould and your brownie. We made a nutella brownie and the first step is to cut it in the shape of a heart. No need to cut it perfectly, but make sure you cut enough to fit it inside the heart mould.

Next, cover the entire mould with cling film so our heart will be easily removed. Make sure to cover it completely, leaving no space where air can enter between the mould and the film. 

I'm gonna take the brownie and put it inside the mould. And I'm gonna press the brownie into the mould so that it has the shape of a heart. 

Make sure the top of your brownie is faced down when pressing it into the mould, so that the recognizable crackly top of the brownie will be on top once it is removed from the mould.

When pressing it into the mould, don't worry if it breaks because we can reshape it. 

Brownies work a bit like glue so I'm just going to press. You can see the nutella, right?

As you can see you gently press your brownie and then fill the entire mould. Look how beautiful it already looks!

Now it's time to fill our brownie! We can't do this without putting a layer of chocolate coating on it, so our brownie doesn't get soggy due to the filling.

For this step, you don't need to temper your chocolate. Just melt it and spread it on the brownie. You can use a paint brush to coat the brownie.

I just used a spatula because I like to show you that you don't need so many tools. If you don't have a spatula, you can also use a spoon for this.

When you use the mould for other things, like a smash big heart, compound chocolate like the Callebaut is very practical since it doesn't require tempering and sets quickly. But, for what we are doing, we don't need tempering anyway.

Now we're gonna take this to the fridge for about 3 or 4 minutes and then we're gonna fill the heart and it will be ready to receive the last coat. Finally, we're gonna seal our heart with the chocolate. 

We're almost done! As you can see this is very easy and the possibilities are endless. You can do it with different moulds, such as the teddy bear one.

Next, we're gonna fill our heart with the amazing brazilian brigadeiro! Then, we have to seal our heart with chocolate again so that the filling doesn't spill once it's on a plate.

Take it to the fridge again to set for a few minutes.

Our brownie heart is ready to be removed from the mould. The top with the cracks from the brownie sure looks amazing!

Very gently, peel off the clingfilm and set the heart on a plate.

You can serve it as it is or you can decorate it with some fruits or designs. For our brigadeiro-filled heart brownie, we used a tip nozzle number 1M to decorate it with our brigadeiro.

Another delicious option is to serve it with ice cream. Put a piece in the microwave for about 10 seconds and then you serve with an ice cream scoop.

This 1kg heart serves 12 pieces.

If you sell cakes and sweets, I'm sure this will be a success! 

Stay tuned for more tips on how to use your 3-part chocolate moulds in creative ways such as this one!

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