How to Make a Beautiful and Shiny Gold Chocolate Football website

How to Make a Beautiful and Shiny Gold Chocolate Football

Time for our Fest Cake Tutorial!

And today we'll do nothing less than the much-requested, much-loved, Football! 

The ideal size, for you to make that spectacular ball as a gift for your father, your son, your husband, who you love!

Shall we get started?

Let's cut to the chase. Today we're going to use our BWB 1400 Soccer Ball mould.

Why is the BWB mould special?

Because it's a 3-part mould. Because we have the shape, which is this part here, the piece of flexible silicone that goes in the middle and we have the third part that attaches and gives us all the precision we need, all the finishing an everything will come out perfect.

Today we're going to use the chocolate compound, which doesn't need to be tempered. So let's go.

Here I have approximately 250g of dark chocolate. I preferred the dark today. And we’re going to fill it up to the line.

All BWB moulds come with a fill line, an indicator of how much chocolate to add. 

Once the chocolate is in the mould, let's gently tap to remove the air bubbles and we'll move onto the silicone and third part.

I'll press and the mould will be filled in automatically. 

We'll smooth the mould so that the chocolate reaches the bottom so that we can have a perfectly uniform ball.

Now we'll take it for cooling. 

Time for the results!

Let's remove the ball and see how it looks. We'll also give it a very special touch using our Fab decoration powder line.

We'll use golden powder. I'll remove the third part and leave the silicone.

I'll gently lift the mould from the table and I'm going to press in the center to release.

Without mysteries, very simple. Now I'm going to remove the silicone part, removing all the excess when the silicone is released.

I'll hold it in the center so as not to break the edges. 

Here is our football!

We'll decorate our ball using our hobbycor hand bomb. And we're going to use Fab's decorating powder, we're going to use the Egyptian Golden color, and we're going to dilute it in cereal alcohol.

Everything is here in the tube… Let's apply it!

We're going to apply it very simply.

I'm already here with the powder diluted in alcohol and I'm going to pump towards the ball.

I'll turn so you can see and so I can work on it and so I can work on it.

The ball is finished. Let's cut to the chase. Let's see what surprise is inside.

Reminder that you choose which surprise you want.

You can put whatever you want, what your loved one likes, what your dad likes, whatever.

Let's go.

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