Chocolate Half Spheres Filled with Ganache and Red Fruits [[Video]] website

Chocolate Half Spheres Filled with Ganache and Red Fruits [[Video]]

Hey guys! We're back to show you another tutorial. But first I want to show you this gorgeous thing that has already won my heart. It is the BWB chocolate melting bowl. I already have my chocolate here. It has the capacity of up to 2 liters, comes with this spatula which has these openings to facilitate the melting of the chocolate and it even comes with a supporter, which will help us pour the chocolate easily and safely into the mould.

Let's get back to focus. We're going to make a gourmet dessert. The chosen filling was chocolate ganache with red fruits. We'll be using our Callebaut compound chocolate that doesn't require tempering and the chosen mould was the 50mm sphere with a base, which is this one. The mould has 3 parts. And it comes with a fill line, which indicates how much we can fill with chocolate. This makes our work so much easier.

So let's get started?

The chocolate is already melted. Now with the help of the supporter I'm going to pour chocolate into the mould, up to the fill line. This melter with this spout is very easy to work with. Note that it doesn't make any mess and you have full control of the chocolate. Now let's put the flexible and the third part of the mould. It's very important to put it in the correct position.

Here's a ball and let's put it together with the other ball. Let's press for our chocolate to spread evenly. We're going to turn the mould upside down and massage it to ensure a perfect, even shell.

Now let's take it to cool down. The chocolate has cooled and now we're going to release it so we can assemble our dessert. I'm going to take the third part out of our mould and I will turn it onto the table. TUrning it like this makes it easier to take out. I will put my fingers under the mould and I'm going to press lightly on the back of the mould.

And if you used a chocolate that needed tempering, and did it correctly, your chocolate will release normally. So my fingers are positioned under the mould and I'm going to press. Notice that it's very easy to release. This one has already come out. Simple as that! It has released. Just press it in the center, pull the flexible part and it's out.

And now the easiest part is to remove the flexible part. Gently hold and remove carefully so we don't break the edges. Continue to remove. Note that the shell is even, with a perfect finish.

Now fill them with brigadeiro gourmet and berries to give an air of sophistication.

I'm here with my brigadeiro in a piping bag and I'm going to fill the half spheres with base. Now is not the time to save on stuffing. There are a lot of chocolate lovers behind the cameras. Let's fill generously. Now let's add the details and finish with our fresh fruits.

You can add any fruits you want. You can use white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and yellow fruits. After you finish adding the fruit, you can serve. It will be a very charming dessert. And I already want to eat it.

This is our dessert. Today, I have a special guest to try this dessert. You will be surprised! Look at her! You are so over the top. Am I being recorded today? Of course, my love!

Amazing! Approved? Highly approved! You have sugar and chocolate on your nose! See how much she liked it? We are sure you are going to like to, too.

Leave here in the comments which recipe you want to see us make next, if it's a dessert or cake decoration.


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