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Chocolate Honey Bread Shells Filled with Oreo Cookies and Truffle Cream

Time for our Fest Cake Tutorial.

And today we brought you a semi-professional chocolate mould to show that there's no mystery at all. Quite the contrary, it's very simple for you to make your confectionery products in large quantities.

It is still in the packaging to show you how it is opened.

The semi-professional chocolate moulds are different in size and in the quantity that can produced with them.

Shall we get started?

Here is a special idea on how to use this Honey Bread mould: Fill the shells with Oreo cookies and truffle cream(recipe at the end).

It will be an incredible dessert. Shall we start?

Action time!

Started with melted chocolate.

Use a piping bag for precision when working because you can control the amount of chocolate you use, avoiding waste and mess.

Fill up each cavity. All 3-part moulds come with a fill line which indicates exactly how much chocolate to add.

Fill all the cavities in mould to the fill line.

Then, take the second part, which is the flexible silicone, and attach it to the third or top part.

Place them together on top of the part with the cavities and press on the mould so that the chocolate spreads all over.

Turn it over and massage it lightly to make sure that we have a perfectly uniform shell.

Put it in the refrigerator to cool and set. After about 12 minutes, they should be ready.

Time to fill our Honey Bread shells.

What will the filling be? Oreos and truffle cream. We use the Ninho brand. If you don't have Ninho, use any dry whole milk.

Let's get started.

Remove the shells so that you can fill them. It is really a simple process.

First, remove the top part and flip the mold over on a flat surface.

Attention to this detail: carefully lift the mould to remove each chocolate shell.

They will release one by one. Don't apply force to release the shells.

The next step is to remove the flexible plastic part and then all the excess chocolate from each shell.

Place the shells back into the mould to provide support while filling them.

With the filling in the piping bag, squeeze out a little bit into each shell and then add an Oreo.

Position the Oreo in the center of the mound of the filling and then add more filling to cover the cookie.

With the shell completely filled, add more chocolate to seal the top and place it in the refrigerator again to set.

Once set, take them out and add the finishing decorative touch.

Using white chocolate that has been colored with Orange oil-based food colouring by Colour Mill, let's add details with the thin part of the piping bag.

Make some zigzags on the chocolate treated filled with Oreas and truffled Ninho.

Because our theme is Safari, place some sugar animals on top.

Just put a dab of the orange chocolate on the back of each animal and stick it on your new treats.

Use navy blue colored chocolate and confetti figures to decorate others.

There are many ways to decorate these delicious sweets made with the semi-professional Honey Bread chocolate mould by BWB.

Truffle Cream Recipe


1 can evaporated milk
200ml double cream
100g Ninho instant dry whole milk (or the brand of your choice)
100g white chocolate


In a pan, mix the evaporated milk, double cream and dry whole milk. Mix until well blended. Cook at medium temperature until it begins to boil, mixing continuously. Reduce fire to low and mix for another 10 minutes. Remove from stove and immediately add the white chocolate. Mix until well blended. Cover with clear plastic wrap. Let cool for 4 hours. Your truffle cream filling is ready to use!

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