Would you like to learn how to make a perfect Chantilly? Guest Uryel T website

Would you like to learn how to make a perfect Chantilly? Guest Uryel Tavares

Today we have a very special guest.

Our friend and companion Uryel! Thank you so much for accepting our invitation. We are very happy to have you here. I'm also very happy to be here with you. And today we will teach several techniques. Yes, let's decorate a cake today using Hulalá whipped cream. 

Glitters, spatulas and spheres from Fest Cake. Products that we have never done a tutorial and today we are going to learn from this master of confectionary. Shall we get started? 

Let's get down to business. I'm going to hand over to him to start. What are we going to do now?

First, let's make the whipped cream and then cover the cake and make the decorations. How much whipped cream will be needed?

For the cake we are going to make, about 500ml of whipped cream. Perfect, let's get started.

We get a lot of questions about whipped cream.

Today you will have the answers to your questions. Coloration, hydration, everything we will do here. The hulal√° whipped cream makes life much easier for bakers. It's practical, tasty and you'll have the perfect whipped cream you don't need to add anything, just the Hulal√° whipped cream and it's done. Let's add the dye.

What color did you choose?

Purple! Let's go with purple today on the channel, matching with FestCake. Great, it's going to be beautiful! I love that tone. I think it's very elegant.

After all, it's part of the FestCake logo. As for the speed ratio, what is ideal?

First, so it doesn't spill all over the kitchen, it happens…

I start at a low speed and increase. Now it's at a low speed, but I'll increase it.

Perfect. Let's continue.

We know it's ready when we lift the mixer and there is a hole in the middle.

Wow, perfect.

This is how your whipped cream should look. Write all these tips down and if you still have questions, write them in the comments and we'll answer. 

The whipped cream is ready. Now let's hydrate it so we can decorate the cake. The whipped cream is beautiful. Today I'm going to hydrate it with condensed milk but you can hydrate it with water or the liquid and cold Hulal√°.

What measure of condensed milk can be used?

There is no exact amount and it depends on how we want it and where we are going to use it, because the consistency for the piping bag is different from the spatula. Today we will use a spatula because we need a softer consistency. 


So write that down because each whipped cream will have a specific consistency depending on use. The condensed milk must be added gradually to reach the ideal consistency. 

So add it in little by little. As here I have a lot of whipped cream, I'm already adding a lot of condensed milk. But mix it a lot because this is whipped cream. So you have to add the condensed milk in doses.

Truths that not everyone speaks: 

Whipped cream likes to be beaten. Then you take the spatula. See how he uses the spatula.

Show the consistency of the whipped cream to the camera. Optimal consistency and hydration.

Now we are going to apply the whipped cream to the cake. I will use a pastry bag to make it easier and more uniform. Now let's apply the hydrated and colored whipped cream. 

Now we have a golden tip. When we get to the top of the cake, to get straighter corners, apply the whipped cream a little above the top of the cake. 

This is how you get a perfect finish. Let's finish applying the whipped cream so we can use the spatula.


A tip when using the spatula: Never scrape the spatula just on the underside of the cake or the other way around. Always leave it very straight to the cake and try to take it with four fingers like this.

I'm sure the finish will be wonderful. When there are places missing whipped cream we need to apply more whipped cream and use the spatula to texture it. Now is the perfect corner tip time.

Now let's make the corners of the cake and always have a cloth or kitchen roll for you to clean the spatula.

The cloth will help. First you choose the corner that is lowest to start finishing. Pay attention to details because they make a difference. Now we go to the third step. Now let's apply the FestCake glitter.

Let's use Hobbycor for this. Pay attention to how to use glitter with Hobbycor.

This is the glitter we are going to use today. The purple one.

When it is a large amount do you prefer to use the straw?

When there is a lot of glitter and to prevent it from flying everywhere I prefer to use the straw. Glitter makes all the difference.

The finish already changes and gives an effect to the cake. I love using glitter.

Now for the final step and finishing touches. We are using the 30, 40 and 50 BWB spheres and we use Fab's powders to decorate.

Now let's place our spheres on the cake. It's already beautiful. We use Fab's golden, rose golden and coppery gold powders. I love it. I think it's super elegant. These are colors you can use all year round. It is looking beautiful.

I'm back to the best part. I was there enchanted while watching and taking notes because I'm not silly. And I loved the finish, every detail, every color he used.

I'm speechless.

Thank you so much for accepting the invitation. Not just the invitation, but the challenge and the class.

We learned a lot and here is the result of this wonderful cake. 

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