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Use the Hobbycor Manual Airbrush to easily apply paint or spray glitter on cakes, cupcakes, desserts, and other sweet creations in minutes.

This handy cake decorating pump is great for beginner cake decorators and seasoned professionals.

The manual sprayer gives you full control over the pressure with which you apply the paint.

How to Paint to a Cake with Hobbycor

How to Spray Glitter on a Cake with the Hobbycor

Fest Cake London recommends two pumps for bakers and confectioners who plan to use the manual airbrush for both liquid and dry applications.

Fine glitter rather than course glitter should be used in order to avoid clogging the pump. These glitters are non-toxic but are made for decorative purposes only.

The "Edible Silk" Lustre Dust can be mixed with alcohol (grain, vodka, white rum), clear extract (vanilla, lemon, butter), or an essence (rose, vanilla, etc.) to paint with the airbrush.

The Hobbycor manual airbrush comes with a new lock system and 3 extra reservoirs.

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