How to Decorate the Chocolate Teddy Bear with a Marble Effect website

How to Decorate the Chocolate Teddy Bear with a Marble Effect

 Time for our Fest Cake Tutorial and guess what we have here?

It's no less than our teddy bear chocolate mould! This teddy bear mould is very versatile. It can be used for any season and holiday because it's very easy to customize.

Today, we're going to make it with a special colour and theme. We'll use the Colour Mill Navy Blue Concentrated Colouring and we'll use compound white chocolate, which does not need to be tempered.

Shall we get started?

The white chocolate coating is already melted and now we're going to add our navy blue Colour Mill.

I'll add some droplets because I want a marble effect. Now I'm going to stir it lightly, so as not to mix the colours completely.

This is the tone I want. Now I'll put the second and third parts in place.

With our mould already filled, we'll place it in the refrigerator to cool and then we'll see the result of the marble effect.

Time to remove the most beloved teddy bear in the world! Let's start.

First, I'll remove the top part. Then, I'll just put my fingers under the mould and press on the belly and the head and it comes out easily.

The marble effect is truly beautiful.

Now, just remove the flexible plastic very carefully.

Now that we have removed our teddy bear, we're going to get our golden decorating powder from Fab and we'll splash it onto the teddy bear to make it more elegant

I'm using Fab Lustre Metallic Gold and I'm going to dilute it with grain alcohol. I'll add a small amount.

You can make splashes or paint as you want and in the tone you want. I chose gold because I love this colour! All you need to do is splatter it with the brush and it will be very beautiful.

That's the way you make a beautiful chocolate teddy bear with a marble effect. Enjoy!

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