Surprise Your Father With an Edible Tie [Video Tutorial] website

Surprise Your Father With an Edible Tie [Video Tutorial]

Guys, Father's Day has arrived at Fest Cake! And to celebrate this very special date honoring such important people in our lives, we brought the "Daddy's Tie" 3-part chocolate mould!

We already have our coloured chocolates ready, because we're going to make them in different colours. Let's go!

Our mould has three separate parts. The flexible part and the part with a fill line indicating how much chocolate we have to fill. To make it easier, I already attach the flexible part to the third part, the lid, so we don't waste time and lose the tempering of the chocolate.

I have four colours here. As you can see, each tie has a different detail, and we'll try to make them look really cool. Let's start with orange. I'll make the details of the first line and it's going to look really nice. I'm using a piping bag to help me draw precisely. So, be sure to follow this tip if you want to make a colourful tie!

Now, I'm gonna go with white because I want an orange and white tie. The colours are a personal choice, so choose the colours you like. You can use your dad's favourite colors!

Now let's go with the blue one. I'm using the Colour Mill food colouring, which is suitable for chocolate because it is oil-based. This makes it easier when mixing and gives us a perfect shade.

Next, gently tap the mould against the table to remove all air bubbles in the chocolate. Now, I'll bring the flexible parts attached to the third part and press them gently on top. This way, the chocolate spreads evenly. Now, let's take them to the fridge to set.

We prepared a very special box for our chocolate ties to give this gift an extra touch!

First, let's take them out of the mould to see the results! I'll remove the third part and the chocolate easily comes out. Now, carefully remove the flexible parts and all the excess chocolate will come out.

I'll place the pink one here and remove this blue one the same way. The ties are very delicate so be careful when removing this flexible part.

Now, you can gift these ties to your dad on Father’s Day!

The Dad’s Tie chocolate mould is just one of the many 3-part moulds in the Father’s Day collection. If your dad isn’t someone who wears a suit and tie, there are plenty of other themes he might like.

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