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DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb Drink

Are there any chocolate lovers out there?

Today, we will learn how to make chocolate bombs!

We will do it with one of our current favorite BWB moulds. It's our 7cm (70mm) sphere mould. And we will demonstrate it right now!

Start with melted chocolate and the clean BWB mould. Fill it with chocolate up to the mark on the side of the cavity.

If you are not familiar with BWB yet, they have 3-part moulds that facilitate the process and help us be more precise. All of the BWB moulds come with indicators that make our job so much easier.

One part has the cavities where you pour the melted chocolate. Then, there is a soft plastic part and the top rigid plastic piece.

You will place it on top and press lightly to create some beautiful spheres. Just turn it over and you can see how the chocolate fills the cavities. So, you can see that the mark really works.

Afterwards, place them in the fridge to set. Once firm, take the spheres out of the mould! Once removed, you will join the two halves together.

First, fill them up and close them. After taking the chocolate shell out of the rigid mould, remove the soft plastic price. The surface of your shell will be quite shiny!

Be sure to remove any excess chocolate from the flexible part.

Now, you have a perfect sphere. Time to join them together!

To do this, heat a pan to melt our spheres just a little. Turn on the heat but don't let the pan get to hot.

While it is heating, we will fill up our spheres. You can choose your preferred filling. I will be using this Nestlé Cappuccino. It is delicious, but you can use mocha, marshmallows, cocoa powder, or whatever you like.

Once the pan is heated, place the chocolate sphere with the edge face down. The heat should already be turned off. You can place a piece of wax paper in the pan.

As soon as it melts a little, join the two halves. Remove the excess by running your finger over it.

Our sphere is now "glued" together. It's super easy.

The next step is to decorate it! Use a piping bag filled with white chocolate. Make a design and cover it with candy. You can use white sprinkles or Christmas mix. You can also use marshmallows or whatever you like.

See how it turns out. This is super trendy. Children love it and adults too!

Then comes the best part! Place the filled sphere in a mug and pour hot mild over it to make our hot chocolate cappuccino drink.

Mix everyting together as the chocolate melts. Enjoy this delicious drink in the winter, fall or any time of the year.

That's it! Hope you liked it. Enjoy it and make it often for your loved ones! Cheers. 

Check out more of our video tutorial here.

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