Lipstick Chocolate Mould in 3 Parts BWB 10160 website

Lipstick Chocolate Mould in 3 Parts BWB 10160

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There’s nothing better than making this edible icon of female fashion. The BWB gives us this possibility with this 3-part lipstick chocolate mould.

To empower your clients with this stunning collection, complete your dressing table with our simple shape which will allow you to create an entire makeup kit with various items to get creative with.

Don’t forget that you can colour your chocolate with our colour mill colouring range and give it a special touch with our completely edible lustre dust.

At the end of the day, first impressions always count.

Cavities: 4 (2 sets)
Dimensions (mm):
Length: 90 x Diam.: 22
Cone Weight: 16g
Average weight: 25g

Clean the products with warm water before and after use;
Between applications simply wipe your mould with a high-quality paper towel
Do not use brushes, soaps and detergents.
For longer life, keep your mould away from direct sunlight.


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