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GALAXY WHITE 10ml Luxury Edible Lustre Dust

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  • Faye's famous Galaxy White¬†- a lovely pale gold that's suitable for painting a whole tier without being overpowering - more of a shimmer effect rather than a bright metallic sheen
  • 100% edible - unlike many so-called edible lustres and glitters on the market
  • flown all the way from Australia, these luxury quality lustres can really help take your cakes to the next level
  • dust, paint or spray on to your creations
  • each pot approx holds approx 10ml -¬†the precise weight of each dust varies due to the density of different ingredients, but are all packaged in the same size container with 10ml volume
  • Faye has some excellent free on-line tutorials available if you need help, so here's just one tip . . . for a good supply of brilliant edible paint mix a 20ml pot of lustre dust with approx 60ml¬†Rejuvenator¬†Fluid¬†in a bowl - if too thin and the finish will be streaky, if too thick and will be lumpy - it should be thick enough to just coat the side of the bow.
  • some stockists use the terms 'non-toxic' and 'edible' together, which is confusing as the two are not the same - we are delighted to confirm that this colour is 100% edible
  • PLEASE REMEMBER shades shown cannot be 100% accurate - the shades you see depend upon your monitor / tablet / phone screen display as well as the ability to photograph very subtle differences in shade
  • mix with other Faye Cahill lustre dusts - the range of colours allows you to blend virtually any shade you can imagine
  • suitable for vegetarians & vegans
  • dairy free - nut free - gluten free - GMO free
  • PLEASE NOTE pots often have residual dust present on the outside - this does not indicate a leak or damage

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