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Fox 3D Chocolate Mould in 3-Part BWB 3642

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The wisdom and cunning of the fox come from observational skills, disguise, camouflage, courage, femininity, invisibility, persistence, gentleness, and speed.

Foxes don’t only symbolise cunning through intelligence, but also the ability to solve problems when they arise.

For that reason, this mould is so special and you really can’t miss out on this collection. This beautiful re-fillable fox will surprise and excite everyone around you. 

Cavities: 6 (1 set)
Shell Weight: 135g

Clean the products with warm water before and after use;
Between applications simply wipe your mould with a high-quality paper towel
Do not use bushes, soaps and detergents.
For longer life, keep your mould away from direct sunlight.


 Images for illustration purposes only.

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