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Doughnut Silicone Mould

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  • Premium Quality: Silicone donut molds are made from high quality silicone, BPA free
  • High Heat Resistance: Donut mould are safe at temperatures between -40 °F and 460 °F. They are suitable for microwave ovens, refrigerator, freezers
  • Collapsible: Flexibility of the silicone allows the donut mold to be folded and can be easily unfolded back to its original shape
  • Easy to Clean: You could put them in a dishwasher or wash them by hand. The silicone moulds are not stick, the dough will not stick in the cavities, and even if it does, you could easily clean them with some warm water
  • Multifunctional: These silicone donut molds also can be used for chocolate

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