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Food-grade materials: Cake plastic made of premium food-grade PET, non-toxic, tasteless, environmentally friendly, 100% safe for daily use, strong decoration, and can maintain the good shape of the cake.

Wide range of applications: Acetate sheets suitable for chocolate, mousse, cake decoration, lining ring, mold, as long as you choose the required length, you can cut it out. Is the best partner for the kitchen cake ring.

Easy to use: Wrap the edge of the transparent cake ring on the cake, cut off the excess part, and finally paste it. The high smooth surface and good transparency will help you get a super clean cake edge.

The color is clear and transparent: The cake strips is high-definition, transparent and soft, and easy to peel from the mousse cake. It is an attractive and ideal tool for displaying or selling cakes. For larger cakes, you can use a double cake collar to maintain its shape.


Dimensions (mm):
Height: 20 cm

Length: 10m

Thickness: 12.5c