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Tie Chocolate Mould in 3 Parts - BWB 1000

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The tie chocolate mould makes a great gift for anyone who puts on a tie on a daily basis. The thick shells allows you fill the tie with chocolate or cream for extra flavor. Plus you can colorfully decorate the ties to match those worn by the person to whom you present the chocolate treats. 

´╗┐Cavities: 3´╗┐
´╗┐´╗┐Dimensions (mm):´╗┐
´╗┐Length: 149 x Width: 36 x Height: 1´╗┐3´╗┐
´╗┐Cone Weight: 26g´╗┐
´╗┐Average Weight: 75g

´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐Clean the products with warm water before and after use;´╗┐
´╗┐Between applications simply wipe your mould with a high-quality paper towel´╗┐
´╗┐Do not use bushes, soaps and detergents.´╗┐
´╗┐For longer life, keep your mould away from direct sunlight.


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