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Medium Heart Bear Chocolate Mould in 3-Part - BWB 9934

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The 3-part bear chocolate mould is one of our best sellers. It's easy to see why because the chocolate medium bears made with the mould are so cute.

You can keep the chocolate smooth or brush on melted chocolate to make a furry teddy bear. Of course, you can make a bear of any colour by adding oil-based food colouring to your chocolate.

The 3-part chocolate moulds by BWB make it super easy to produce perfect chocolate shells that you can fill with more chocolate, flavoured creams, candy, or a variety of other delicious treats.

Make one shell if you want your bear to lie flat or make two and join them together to create a chocolate bear that can stand up. You can also use fondant, lustre dust and other colouring options to decorate your bear for special holidays like Christmas, Valentine's, Easter, or events like graduation.

Cavities: 2
Dimensions (mm):
Length: 117 x Width: 77 x Height: 30
Cone Weight: 45g
Average Weight: 150g

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