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How to Splatter Gold Paint on a Cake


Want to learn how to splatter gold paint on a cake? It’s really very easy! All you need is some gold lustre dust, grain alcohol and a clean brush.

Start by placing a small amount of lustre dust in a container. In the video I use a plastic painter’s palette but you can use an empty tube, small bowl or other container. It just needs to be wide enough to put your brush in it.

Pour some of the grain alcohol onto the lustre dust and mix it well. Don’t overdo it or the mixture will be too thin making it run and leave streaks instead of splatter marks.

You can use any soft bristle brush such as a makeup brush or small paint brush. The size can affect the results so you may want to test different sizes, textures and bristle types to see the different effects.

Having your cake on a turntable makes it quick and easy to apply the splattered paint all the way around. If you don’t have one, you can still do this by moving around the cake or moving the cake a little each time you splatter it.

The technique is quite simple although it may take some practice to apply the right amount. Dip your brush in the lustre dust and alcohol mixture. Remove any excess. Holding the brush firmly, give a quick whip of the brush moving it forward in direction of the cake then stopping the movement abruptly.

Again, you can splatter on as much paint as you like. You can even splatter on multiple colors. And you can use this technique with other sweets like cupcakes and chocolate candies. Use your creativity and have fun.

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