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How to Make Chocolate Musical Instruments and Notes

Do you like music? Okay, who doesn’t?

You can use the simple chocolate moulds by BWB to make small musical notes and instruments out of chocolate to use as decorations on your sweet creations.

We’re going to use them to decorate a cake but you can put them on cupcakes, larger chocolate forms, pies or a variety of other desserts.

Of course, you can pop them in your mouth and eat them straight, too.

These simple moulds are really easy to use. Just fill each cavity with melted chocolate. I recommend you use a piping bag. It’s easier and makes less of a mess.

After filling each cavity, lightly tap the mould to remove any air bubbles.

Then, place it in the refrigerator for the chocolate to set. It only takes about 10-12 minutes.

To remove the chocolate pieces, hold the mould in your hands with the cavity opening pointed down and gently press in the center of each piece.

Now, let’s paint them with lustre dust. Make sure all the pieces are face up on some butcher paper or wax paper.

In the tutorial, I use the Metallic Light Silver lustre dust but you can use any color that is available.

There are different ways to apply the lustre dust. I chose to brush on the dry powder. Dip a small clean brush in the lustre dust and dab it on each piece. Lightly go over each one with a few light brush strokes to make sure the lustre dust is spread evenly.

Alternatively, you can add grain alcohol to the lustre dust and paint the liquid mixture on with a brush or the Hobbycor manual airbrush.

Visit our Youtube channel to see how we used the musical instruments and notes on a Beatles-themed cake.

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