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DIY Chocolate Christmas Decorations with Red and Gold Glitter

Today we will be making Christmas decorations with chocolate spheres and glitter!

We start with our BWB three-part 50mm (5cm) sphere mould. The code number 9419.

These BWB moulds have three parts. It’s where the magic happens. The video tutorial demonstrates how to use it and shows you the result this amazing mould produces. Let's go.

First, remove the flexible part to prepare everything. One important tip for you to work with chocolate is having everything prepared and organised. Because chocolate tempers and sets quickly, pre-production makes your job easier.

Take the melted chocolate. In the video, I use Compound Chocolate which does not need to be tempered.

All BWB moulds come with indicator lines on the side of each cavity. This shows where the chocolate should be filled up to.

Fill each cavity with chocolate carefully. Little by little, add the chocolate. You can fill it directly from the bowl or use a pastry bag. Use whatever you feel more comfortable working with.

Once filled, tap the mould gently on the table.

Next, put the flexible part in place and gently press it until the cavities are completely filled.

Confectioners have lots of questions about these imperfections that happen when filling the cavities with chocolate. To remove these, turn the mould upside down and spread the chocolate using your fingers to be sure the chocolate fills each cavity completely.

Once the mould is filled and the parts joined, it’s time to place it in the fridge to let the chocolate set.

After that, remove the spheres from the mould. Gently press the bottom of each cavity. then, carefully pull the flexible part from inside the chocolate shell. You can let any excess fall back into the bowl of chocolate.

We will join them and make a Christmas decoration! You will see how easy it is.

I removed this third part of the mould. And I will now detach the spheres. One is out. Look at how shiny this chocolate is!

Time to join the sphere halves together. I use a portable electric stove. Place a pan with a piece of parchment paper in it on your stove. You don't need to heat it a lot. Just heat it a little bit to begin melting the chocolate. That way you can join the halves together.

Check the heat. When it feels warm enough to melt the chocolate, turn it off. Get one half of a sphere and heat the edge on the pan. Now, join the two halves. If it does not attach, heat it up some more. Then, join them.

Remove the excess and finish "glueing" the halves together with your finger.

The balls are sealed. You can fill them or leave them empty before sealing them. It depends on what you prefer.

Want an amazing tip for creating a Christmas decoration by covering a chocolate sphere with glitter? Use vegetable fat to make it stick. Here in London, we use "Trex". You can find it in any supermarket. This brand is very easy to find.

In the video, I use gold and red glitter because it’s Christmas time. Red and gold are popular Christmas colours.

Get a clean, dry bowl. Place all of the glitter in it. I used Disco Red by EdAble Art.* Open it and place it in the bowl.

Get a little dab of the vegetable oil and spread it on your gloves. Then, spread it on the sphere.

Place the sphere in the bowl and roll it around. Shake it carefully. You may need to turn the sphere over in order to completely cover it. It is very easy.

It will be very shiny and sparkly. It looks just like a Christmas ornament. They are beautiful.

Repeat this process with the gold glitter. It is also very beautiful. You can use whatever colour you like. There are green, blue, silver and many other options. It is up to you.

Imagine receiving an ornament like this one! A chocolate ornament!

The decorating options are endless. You can use it on a cake. You can fill it up with cappuccino. You can fill it with more chocolate. Use your creativity. Personalize it according to your taste and your family and friends' tastes so you can give them as gifts!

These are a huge success!

Use them to decorate your cakes, use them to decorate your table, use them in your coffee, you can sell it to your friends.

Here are two options for you. Hope you like it. Use your creativity with this tip. Bye!

WARNING: The glitter used in this tutorial video is for demonstrative purposes only. It is non-toxic but only for decorative purposes. For consumption, we recommend edible glitter by Rainbow Dust.

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